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our story

The beginnings of Stuffed are rooted in our cultural heritage passed on by our dearly beloved Abuela Torres. Hunger has no place at Abuela’s house and she is always ready at a moment’s notice to feed anyone and everyone who may show up at her door unexpectedly, as they often do.  You can literally watch her face light up as her guests take their first bites and she never fails to ask if it tastes good, as if there is any question! She uses food to show love and it makes her heart happy. Food is powerful, and it makes a difference how we nourish our bodies.

We believe everyone deserves a hot, home-cooked meal and our mission is to make that meal as easy and accessible as possible.  We want to reclaim dinnertime as quality time and offer wholesome options that cut down on prep without sacrificing flavor.

In today’s hustle and bustle it can be tough to fit in the time to cook dinner every night and let’s face it, take-out can become tiresome. You can feel good about eating any of our pies and pan dinners and have the satisfaction of baking it fresh at home. Click the button below to see our full menu.